A TK-8 inquiry-based, multilingual school. Schedule a tour to visit our campus for 2023-2024.

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Our Team

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Clarke Sumner

Head of School

Eva Neuer

Program Director

Oasis Staff_0007_Kimberly Aceves

Kimberly Aceves

Spanish, Social Studies, Enrichment

Sharyhan Hneiti

Spanish, Social Studies, Science, Enrichment

Deanna Bakker

Community Liaison and English/ Math

Oasis Staff_0009_WanChien Fei

WanChien Fei

Mandarin, Math, Science

David Hernandez

English, Spanish, Social Studies

Xizi Yin

Mandarin, Math, Science

Oasis Staff_0003_Gia Ellis

Gia Ellis

Office Manager and After School Teacher

Harry Ralston

Operations Director

Joyce Hsiao

Mandarin Language Advisor