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Engaging, creative learning in Mandarin, Spanish and English. 1-626-285-8262

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If you are interested in learning more about Oasis, please contact Executive Director, Tamara Hernandez, at During the summer, tours are conducted by appointment for fall enrollment.

Trilingual Immersion
Trilingual Immersion

Employing a 40/40/20 language model, we spend 40% of the day in Mandarin, 40% in English, and 20% in Spanish. No prior language experience is needed for any grade level.

Individual Learning Plans For Each Child
Individual Learning Plans For Each Child

Individual Learning Plans with appropriate goals are set for each student to emerge ahead of standards and prepared to enter any advanced program.

Balanced, Rigorous, And Inquiry-based
Balanced, Rigorous, and Inquiry-based

Our goals are to inspire students to: Be Curious – By encouraging them to learn through doing.

Challenging Yet Fun Classes
Challenging Yet Fun Classes

A full arts and sciences enrichment program that includes music, STEM, technology/robotics, yoga, fine art, acting, dance, martial arts, sports, gardening and cooking.

Why Trilingual Learning?

In the decades ahead, 80% of global economic growth will take place outside the United States, with English, Mandarin and Spanish emerging as the three most spoken languages in the world.

Oasis Trilingual Community School for TK-8th grade offers a challenging, engaging and fun curriculum, in Mandarin, Spanish and English. that is focused on building cultural and language perspective, to nurture and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Start at Oasis and start the unstoppable. A full arts and STEM enrichment program that includes: Music, Art, Technology, Robotics, Makerspace, Acting, Filmmaking, Dance, Kung Fu, Sports, Yoga, Gardening and Cooking as part of the curriculum for all grades. Individual Learning Plans with appropriate goals set for each student allows them to emerge aheadof standards, and be well-prepared to enter any advanced program.


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