Oasis Trilingual Community School

7th grade offered in 2023-24, and 8th grade beginning in 2024-25!

A TK-6 inquiry-based, multilingual school nurturing cultural and language perspectives


Mandarin, Spanish & English
challenging, engaging & fun curriculum
Oasis Trilingual Community School is a balanced, rigorous, and inquiry-based teaching program that seeks to challenge students with an authentic, thematically-connected and relevant curriculum in three languages: Mandarin, English and Spanish.

“The teachers are incredibly passionate, hard working and are always ready to give more for the kids. They find clever ways to make learning fun.”

— Mony S. (Yelp review)

“Watching the teachers give individual, tailored care to each of our VERY DIFFERENT children has been a blessing. Both kids have thrived, but each has had a different side of them built up by the school.”

— Bryan S. (Yelp review)

“Oasis handled the distance learning after the shutdown very well. They are a big reason, I feel, that my daughter stayed her normal happy self during this difficult time.”

— Niccole B. (Yelp review)

With small class sizes and collaborative teacher teams, we are able to meet each student’s social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs throughout the day. We believe that students learn from one another and benefit from multi-age level groups. Children at all language levels, from very beginner to advanced speakers, are supported with innovative teaching methods that meet them at their just-right level in order for them to advance their language skills and meet academic goals.
Transitional Kindergarten
Kindergarten - 1st Grade
2nd - 3rd Grade
4th - 6th Grade

Oasis Trilingual Community School is accredited by the
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).