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Engaging, creative learning in Mandarin, Spanish and English. 1-626-285-8262

Oasis Trilingual Elementary Mandarin, Spanish and English Language, STEM Arts Program Enrolling Now. Our classes are created for children at all language levels, from very beginner to advanced speakers.

The Oasis Trilingual Elementary School (Transitional Kindergarten-6th grade) program offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to learning. Students take classes in Mandarin, Spanish and English Languages while engaging in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) classes.

What Makes Us Unique:

Our elementary school program is founded on a holistic education in which students social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs are met throughout the day. Each student has an individualized learning plan based on their personal needs, goals and interests to develop self-motivation, and a thirst for knowledge. This is achieved at Oasis through small classes sizes, inquiry based learning, and authentic demonstrations of progress at the end of each school-wide unit.

Social Emotional Learning

Each morning begins with a morning meeting and meditation time to begin our school day with a positive, mindful and open mentality.

Immersion Language Learning

Students in the Oasis elementary program take classes in Mandarin, Spanish and English. These language classes are taught in a full immersion environment, so students quickly gain language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our language learning philosophy stems from student engagement through interactive games, projects, public speaking, storytelling, and community events.

Integrated Project Based Learning

By implementing cross-curricular projects, we meet each student’s needs and learning styles, with a fun, hands-on learning environment.

Multifaceted Math Approach

Students learn math through multiple means of engagement involving curriculum from Singapore math, UCLA Math Circles, and real-world math projects

Enrichment Classes

We believe a well-balanced child is extremely important. Every student in our program takes classes in: physical education, science, gardening, Kung fu, music, Tai Chi, social studies, cooking, yoga, filmmaking and MakerSpace/technology. Learning is mobilized through enrichment classes and monthly field trips, and guest speakers which provide real-world skills, community connections, and authentic experiences.

MakerSpace/Technology Class

Science, technology, engineering, art, and math connect during MakerSpace class in which students solve problems through hands-on projects involving coding, robotics, circuitry, creativity and fun!

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