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Our goals are to inspire students to:

DSC_4591Be Curious – By encouraging them to learn through direct experience and hands-on exploration that taps into their natural curiosity and excitement about the world around them, so their love of learning lasts throughout their lives.

Be Imaginative — By encouraging them to take risks in their thinking, by challenging them to ask lots of questions—and never to be afraid to get the wrong answers—we can instill confidence that they can come up with original ideas and solutions nobody thought of before.

Be Leaders – By developing their leadership and communication skills through school jobs and daily opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers in communicating, brainstorming, debating, negotiating, problem-solving, and creating projects together.

Be Independent — By engaging real life critical thinking skills, teaching students how to sift through information to see what is important and relevant to their needs, so they can learn how to be think independently and get things done on their own.

Be Empathetic — By having our children engage with the local community through thematically-related community service, learning projects, field trips, and guest experts, and by giving them opportunities whenever possible to use of their Mandarin and Spanish language skills in a conscious manner.

DSC_4406Be Nature Lovers — By giving our children a daily connection to nature through the use of several outdoor learning environments, employed freely by the teachers for every subject from science to art. This natural world connection will be increased with the use of a garden, school jobs, and thematically-related field trips.

Be A Friend – Through a buddy system of students from different grade levels working together to mentor and help each other, we will inspire our children to extend themselves to others. Creating such a close-knit community of educators and parents dedicated to the same goals of supporting our school, and giving our children a wonderful learning environment, we will allow our children to feel safe and confident to be who they are and to realize their full potential.DSC_4444

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