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Oasis Trilingual Middle School Mandarin, Spanish and English Language, STEM Arts Preparatory School Enrolling Now. Our classes are created for children at all language levels, from very beginner to advanced speakers.

What Makes Us Unique: Our middle school offers an integrated, cross-curricular program, which allows students opportunities to deeply explore three major disciplines: foreign language immersion, STEM and art.
We believe students should have the chance to experience all elective classes in middle school (5th – 8th grade), and so we offer and integrate a variety of enrichment courses throughout the day.
New Oasis Homeschool Support Program: From Tuesday to Thursday, homeschool students are invited to enroll in this new program. Students in the program will be meeting three days a week at Oasis. Subjects covered include: English, math, social studies, STEM, Filmmaking & drama. Students will get to choose Mandarin or Spanish language classes as well.

Oasis Foreign Language Program: Students can choose between taking BOTH Mandarin and Spanish language classes, OR focusing on only one foreign language. With our Level 1 language program no prior language experience is required.

  • Our immersion language classes increase students’ speaking, reading and writing levels dynamically. By employing interactive games, public speaking, culturally relevant history projects, and bilingual science lab and experiments, students use their language in engaging, memorable ways.
  • We also apply the arts to increase language literacy and fluency. Students learn to write, produce and perform plays, make films, commercials, newscasts and musical productions, in three languages throughout the year. This increases language usage in real-world settings to promote students’ overall fluency and understanding of the culture.
  • We align our foreign language literacy units with our English language Readers and Writers Workshop program, so students are given a chance to explore different types of writing genres in Mandarin and Spanish. These writing genres include: Narrative, Informational, Opinion, Memoir, Fiction and Poetry.

Oasis STEM Program: We emphasize scientific literacy through an integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program that includes hands-on experiments, collaboration, inquiry and critical, thinking skills that align.

  • New: Medical STEM classes. Our science program offers Oasis students an early introduction to courses offered in medical school. They will learn about human anatomy, animal dissection, first aid, and CPR.
  • Full technology program that includes: coding, robotics and circuitry.
  • Engineering projects with our hands-on MakerSpace class.
  • Rigorous math program with a multifaceted approach. We use Singapore math, UCLA Math Circles, and engaging real-world math projects that connect students to a deeper understanding of mathematical principles.
  • Field trips and guest speakers from the medical, science and technology field.

Oasis Arts Program: Our arts program includes digital filmmaking, drama, drawing, dance, painting, mixed media, and music.

  • Fine arts program that focuses on: drawing, painting, mixed media and graphic design with opportunities to show work in a gallery format during our school shows.
  • Music program includes: chorus, instrument playing, note reading, songwriting, GarageBand, composing, and an Oasis band.
  • Drama: Fun drama and dance productions, created by the students are done through the year in Mandarin, Spanish and English.
  • Filmmaking, and Multimedia: Students will learn about all digital filmmaking, acting, cinematography, lighting, editing, animation, visual effects, screenwriting, film history, how to make commercials, interview subjects, and other documentary skills, and how to promote and market their films. They will create projects in all three languages and screen their work at the end of the year in an annual Oasis student film festival.

Oasis Program Benefits:

  • Hands-on, project-based learning arising from students’ own personal interests that is relevant, rigorous, and integrated across curriculum.
  • Daily physical education that includes: Sports, Kung fu, Dance, Tai Chi, yoga, and an Oasis sports program.
  • Individualized Learning Plans and differentiated instruction, so students are working at their own personal level per subject in flexible group settings.
  • Small class sizes that give students an opportunity for honors level coursework, debate, risk-taking and deep critical thinking.
  • Authentic demonstration of learning at the end of each unit supporting various learning modalities.
  • An emotionally supportive and physically safe learning environment that includes morning meditation.
  • Monthly field trips, social outreach and community internships aligned with students’ personal interest.
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