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Oasis Homeschool Support Program

From Tuesday to Thursday we welcome homeschool students to take classes three days a week at Oasis in: English, math, social studies, science, STEM, Filmmaking & Drama. They will also get to choose between either taking Mandarin or Spanish language classes.

Benefits of the Oasis Homeschool Support Program:

The homeschool support option allows students to have one-on-one instruction at home, as well as the support from the Oasis learning environment to meet students’ social and academic needs. By attending school three days a week, students have opportunities for group work, debate, and project based learning, as well as independent study to deepen their personal interests both at home and at school. This option further holds students accountable for deadlines, organizational skills and rigorous learning to prepare them for college and beyond, all while they participate in a fun and engaging environment.

This program widens the enrichment classes available to students, offering art, music, science lab, Kung Fu, film, MakerSpace, Technology, and foreign language classes, taught by professionals in the field who are passionate about their subject matter.  Students are additionally able to attend field trips and join internships with other Oasis students, broadening their world experiences.

The homeschool support program has pre-established curriculum for students, providing access to curriculum, textbooks and testing at school. These books may be rented annually from the school to connect student’s school days to their at-home days. We can further provide curriculum maps and organizational tools to blend resources used at home. Students will also receive progress reports every trimester in each class they are taking to monitor their growth and provide documentation of learning.

What are the expectations for students?

Students are expected to advocate for their learning and communicate needs to their home educator as well as teachers and staff at Oasis. Blending resources from home and school, continuing progress at home and independent study, all require open communication between student and teachers to facilitate optimal learning environments. Students are further expected to comply with all rules set forth in the Oasis Student Handbook for behavior, dress code, and academic rigor.

What are the expectations of the home educator?

Home educators are expected to collaborate with their child’s educational Oasis team to blend learning content between their in-school days and out of school days. Parents are expected to provide the school with monthly work samples and update curriculum maps as needed. Parents are to communicate with Oasis teachers to provide feedback about students progress and needs.

What is the tuition?

Enrollment and Book Fees:

Rates are based on days-per-week of attendance.  For a three-day-per-week attendance, a non-refundable Enrollment fee of $651.50 and a Book fee of $543.00 are due at the time of registration. Registration will be due two weeks after you have received confirmation of your child’s acceptance.

Single Payment Plan:

For three-day-per-week attendance, a single tuition payment of $6,190.20 is due by August 28, 2018 along with the Enrollment and Book fee. This totals to $7,384.

Monthly Payment Plan:

For three-day-per-week attendance , the first tuition payment is $651.50 The nine remaining $651.50 monthly payments (totaling $6,516 in yearly tuition) are due are on the first day of each month, beginning on August 28, 2018, and ending with the last payment on May 1, 2019. A late fee will occur for any payments received after the 5th day of each month.

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