A TK-8 inquiry-based, multilingual school. Schedule a tour to visit our campus for 2023-2024.

Schedule a tour to visit our campus!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. Do I have to wait until the new school year to enroll?

We have rolling admissions. You may apply any time for your child to be considered for admission.

2. How old do children have to be to attend Transitional Kindergarten (TK)?

Students who are four years of age are eligible for TK enrollment.

3. Does my child need to have prior experience with Mandarin and Spanish?

We group students based on their language levels during Mandarin and Spanish time. Kids at all levels will receive lessons at the right level to help them progress in language acquisition, and can enroll at anytime!

4. What if I, the parent, don’t speak Mandarin or Spanish?

Families do not need to be trilingual. Our immersion program equips students to become fluent speakers with or without home practice of the language(s).

5. Is there an admissions test?

We assess students when they enroll in order to differentiate instruction for their needs, but not for determining eligibility for enrollment.

6. Where do students go after they graduate from Oasis?

Oasis will begin a 7th grade program in 2023-24 and an 8th grade program in 2024-25, so students don’t have to graduate until 8th grade! The majority of our students go to other private/ charter art and community focused schools