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Engaging, creative learning in Mandarin, Spanish and English. 1-626-285-8262

Oasis Trilingual Community School for TK-8th grade offers a challenging and engaging curriculum in Mandarin, Spanish and English that’s so much fun students don’t realize how much they’re learning!  Our focus is on building cultural and language perspective, to nurture and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Oasis’ trilingual program spends 34% of the day in Mandarin, (math and science is done 50% of the time in Mandarin), 30% of day in Spanish (social studies is done in 50% of the time in Spanish) and 36% of the day in English (math, science and social studies is done in English 50% of the time). No prior language experience is needed for any grade level.

  • Individual Learning Plans with appropriate goals set for each student to emerge ahead of standards and prepared to enter any advanced program.

  • A full arts and sciences enrichment program that includes music, STEM, technology/robotics, yoga, fine art, acting, dance, martial arts, sports, gardening and cooking

Language Arts: We use Readers and Writers Workshop in English, Mandarin and Spanish and align or exceed Common Core Standards to create high-level multilingual literacy skills. This approach is made fun and engaging through daily topic discussions, guided reading, journaling, storytelling, playwriting, role-playing, games, monthly project-based language assignments and newly added public speaking training in our target languages, to develop strong literacy and oratory skills.

Math: Using Singapore Math, our mathematics curriculum is taught in both English and Mandarin. Every math topic is covered at the concrete, pictorial, and abstract levels in both languages to make sure students fully understand each math concept before moving on. This systematic way of teaching math gives students a deep number sense, giving them the ability to do mental math.

Science: At Oasis, students participate in science classes three times a week. Following the Next Generation Science Standards, students apply the scientific method by doing weekly hands-on experiments and STEM project-based science activities to observe, make and test predictions, and arrive at conclusions based on their discoveries.

Social Studies: Our social studies curriculum helps students acquire the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to make informed decisions
as active citizens in a culturally diverse, democratic nation, and an interdependent world. Students explore history, geography, and culture through project-based learning, and through the use of rich primary and secondary sources, including community outreach, that bring topics learned in class into real life experiences.

Technology: We believe Oasis students can expand their world by mastering the use of technology. We meet and exceed Common
 Core Standards to teach 21st century technology skills, including keyboarding, Powerpoint, spreadsheets, databases, robotics and coding. We also expand on those skills by exploring underlying technological concepts, and putting a strong focus on the ethics of media. Students emerge equipped to research deeply, discern useful information, be creative online, collaborate, and communicate, in order to tackle their educational goals with confidence and awareness.

Art/Music/Drama/Yoga/Gardening/Cooking: All of our enrichment classes follow and exceed all applicable California State Standards, and are taught bilingually once a week, in either English/Mandarin, or English/Spanish. Complex concepts such as art history or music theory are taught in English, and then the rest of the class is taught in either Mandarin or Spanish, so that students’ target language skills are given more instructional time and practice in fun, creative and naturally interactive ways.

P.E.: The physical education program at Oasis is an essential part of
our curriculum and provides students with a dynamic and well-rounded experience in both individual and competitive sports skills. P.E. classes take place twice a week and target important motor skills using a variety of different sports activities and games, including assessments of necessary physical education skills. Our school’s philosophy is woven in through the emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline and leadership. In addition, key vocabulary used in our P.E. class is spoken in Spanish and Mandarin so our students expand their vocabulary in both a fun and kinetic way.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL):  At Oasis, our mission is to educate and inspire our students to be respectful, compassionate, and resilient citizens. Drawing from Responsive Classroom and Cool Tools, our teachers, staff, and parents are supported to facilitate the development of this crucial part of our childrens’ character development. We start off our day with a one-minute meditation and a morning meeting to check in with our students, and discuss where they are at emotionally before they begin their day. We also place strong emphasis on conflict resolution, and circle up to discuss problems students may be having as they occur, so that they can be resolved quickly.  

Service Learning: Our service learning curriculum is tied to our social emotional learning plan by having students go into our rich, multicultural community to broaden their perspective and learn to give back to others. This positive interaction connects what we practice in the classroom with the outside world.

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